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Chuming, (Austell, GA)

My mother has got osteoporosis for a few years, so her bones are very fragile and vulnerable. This summer she fell down and hurt her back badly. A dangerous fracture in her spine was found as the result of the accident. A major surgery was performed and she stay in the hospital for 4-week to recover. After she went home, she started to suffer from an unbearable pain in the waist, especially around the kidneys.

After a series of questions, Ms. Azure prescribed Chinese herbal medicine for the pain. After only 2 weeks from taking the herbs, my mom noticed obviously reduced pain; and amazingly, within a month, she no longer had the pain anymore. We thank Ms. Azure very much for her efforts and experience that helped my mom to feel better. She has excellent skills in medicine. Besides that, she's really thoughtful by checking on the progress to make sure that everything is fine.

Without her help, my mother would have still been suffering until today and she wouldn't have felt great she's experiencing right now. Thank you, Ms. Azure!

Yang, Software Developer

I used to sweat a lot, at the dinner table or while playing Ping Pong. The condition got worse after the surgery that removed my appendix, and didn't go away even four months later. My wife suggested me to see Dr. Azure Duan. She carefully analized my situation and prepared a month of individualized herbal capsules. Three weeks later, the improvement was quite obvious. By the time I completed all of the capsules, the symptoms totally disappeared. And I felt better physically and emotionally overall.

Rob, (Tampa, Florida)

I started going to Dr Rongshu Duan during the late 1990's for diabetes and heart disease. I had type II diabetes and was then taking 4 Metformin , 4 Glyburide and 1 Actos tablets for diabetes (9 tablets/day). This is the maximum dosing for a Type II Diabetic patient. I was right on the borderline of having to become insulin dependent.

I now take herbs supplied by Dr Duan that reduce me to 4 Herb tablets taken 3 times daily along with only 2 western medicine tablets daily, 1 Metformin and 1 Actos. My blood sugar control measured by the standard Diabetic A1C blood test is 6.0, which is about what it would be for a non-diabetic.

The same Herb tablets I take above also clean out my heart's main arteries by initially trimming around 10 % of the plaque from my existing arterial branches such as the LAD (Lateral Anterior Descending). These results were measured by Heart Catherization studies (before/after) to verify the results.

I continue to see Dr Rongshu Duan now which is about 10 years after my first visit.

Kathy, Housewife

I was terrified of the needles! Long ones, short ones! But I figured nothing was worse that the excruciating pain in my back! My doctors said it was psychological, but they didn't have it! Ms. Azure told me that the pain came from all the tension in my life and that he could help. So I gritted my teeth and let him go ahead. He inserted several needles the first time and I didn't feel a thing. I haven't had back pain in weeks. I'm happy with my children and my husband can't believe the change.

Patricia, Businesswoman

Dear Ms. Azure, I want to thank you for the wonderfully successful treatment I have received. Before coming to you, I suffered from a variety of symptoms that included infections, hot flashes, water retention, fat and weight gain, sleep disturbances, mood swings, irritability, headaches, fatigue, and more. Continuous treatment with antibiotics was unsuccessful and was creating mounting side effects. In just three sessions, I was relieved of my symptoms.

William, Architect

Like many people, I was suspicious of Eastern medicine and its practitioners, but I was desperate! I had no relief from psychotherapy and medications and I was just a ball of tangled nerves. After two sessions with Ms. Azure, I was a new man! He showed me that my life was within my control. I have this tremendous new sense of power! No pills, no drugs ... just me.

Beverly, Nurse

First, I started sleeping again. I had insomnia for years, but after one session of Chinese herbal medicine, I slept for 10 hours. Ms. Azure taught me how to relax myself daily ... Now, I'm feeling better, working better, eating better ... everything.

Bill, Manager

It's such a relief to have a sexual appetite again now that I feel like a teenager! I have got more energy than I ever had ... just ask my wife.